o Manganese (Mn) chelated with EDTA and soluble in water: 12 % w/w
o Chelating agent: EDTA
o Colour: Pinky White.
o The process of synthesis and chemical reaction together with the technology ensures the presentation of the product in the form of soluble microgranules guaranteeing maximum protection of the manganese by the chelating agent.
o Good compatibility of the product with the majority of the fertilizers and agrochemical products normally used.
o High and fast efficiency in foliar applications, since the product is easily absorbed by the crop.
o Prevention and correction of deficiencies and imbalances in the assimilation of manganese.
o Any type of water, without forming lumps or leaving sediments, keeping the tanks clean.
o Applications with low volumes of solution thus reducing the costs of application.
o Stable in a wide range of pH,
o Does not cause any burns or phyto-toxicity on the surface of the leaves or to the root system.
The local conditions of each crop must be analysed in depth for a more appropriate recommendation concerning dosages
-1 to 2 gm/liter water
-first spray: before flower setting.
-second spray: before fruiting setting.
-third spray: after fruit setting.
250gms and 500 gms.